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Angels Saved My Son’s Life.

Angels saved my son’s life. The phone call comes on a Saturday night. I listen to the police in shocked silence. “Your son has been in a serious car accident.” “No, we have not ascertained the extent of his injuries.” “We did use the jaws of life to extract your son and his girlfriend from the vehicle.” “No, I told you, I cannot tell you the extent of his injuries but if you head over to Trauma 1 at the Civic, they will give you an update.” “All I can tell you is it seems that the vehicle did flip end over end and then barrel-rolled down into a ditch filled with water.” “Off the record, I will say that in 25 years of service, I have never seen a car look as bad as his does and not have someone dead on arrival.” continue

Calling On All Angels, That I May Have Dominion Over My Senses… And Persevere!

Thanks to the help of Mother Angelica,  I’ve been finding myself calling upon all angels of heaven for assistance!   It was during the weeks leading up to Easter (Lent 2016) that I began to pray on a regular basis the Chaplet of St. Michael the Archangel, guided by Mother Angelica herself (via EWTN CD ), and what a blessing it’s been!   …Thus something I wanted to share with you here, as we journey on, in pursuit of progress, still... body, mind, and soul. >> Click Here to Read More at: The Way To Nourish For Life >>