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10 Minute Daily Retreat: 'He will wipe away every tear...' Rev 21:3-4

Have you ever  shed tears over the experience of utter rejection? The devastation in relationship breakdown runs about as deep as it gets. Or perhaps the rejection is the loss of a dream, a goal we worked so desperately to achieve?  Writers are encouraged  to re-enter those experiences, examine them and from the depths, produce a story written from the heart. Yet, it's not  the pain readers want to experience. That's only part of the story. Whether Fact or Fiction, the power of a story is in victory over adversity. It's the power of love, the promise of hope, the moment when tears are wiped away. No one can escape  episodes of grief and pain. Today's reading tells us that God is with us in those moments, and that He promises to wipe away our tears.   This is a sampler  of the heavenly promise that one day there will be no more tears at all.