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Spiritual Growth Requires Springs of Living Water

The tree we transplanted looked dead until a torrential thunderstorm poured water from the heavens on it. Sometimes, we think our spirituality is dead, too. We need springs of living water to refresh our souls. A few thoughts in my latest essay, Spiritual Growth Requires Springs of Living Water. 

Free Kindle Books for Amazon Prime Members

If you are looking for a great deal this Christmas, you can't beat free! For a limited time we are offering a few of our titles for free to Amazon Kindle Prime customers. If you've been wanting to read Our Jewish Roots: A Catholic Woman's Guide To Fulfillment , now might be the time to get it for yourself or give it this Christmas. It is currently ranked on Amazon: #49 in Books > Christian Books & Bibles > Catholicism > Self Help Another favorite for the tween or teen boy in your family, All Things Guy: A Guide To Becoming a Man that Matters is also free for Amazon Prime Kindle. Merry Christmas! Cheryl