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To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

For those of you grumbling and threatening to click over to another blogpost or website, hang on a second. I have given this a lot of thought. The last thing I need is one more item added to my to-do-list. However, contemplating how I could best document and communicate my experiences while I’m attending the Religious Education Congress , to "tweet" became the answer. So, I’m officially tweeting from @LSCatholicblog and let me tell you the 140 characters limit is a challenge! My last writing instructor tried to break me of my proclivity toward wordiness, but I fear she was unsuccessful in her effort. Shrinking my tweets and not coming off as a dunderhead is quite a talent—not to mention picking 140 characters for which someone gives a hoot. Yes, tweeting is also valuable for telling the world about the nagging hole in your dish gloves or your job as an Actuarial Scientist Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz… . Believe it or not, it can go deeper. I’ve accessed some pretty darn good material v