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Cardinal O'Connor on public pro-life witness: "Too many people have sacrificed for too long to give up now"

photo of Cardinal O'Connor from In Colorado. three people died and nine were injured after a recent shooting near a Planned Parenthood facility. Did peaceful pro-life activists contribute to the violence? No - not now, and not a generation ago, when the murders of two abortion facility employees led to calls for a temporary end to public pro-life witness. A few days after those deaths, John Cardinal O'Connor of New York preached on the feast of the Epiphany about how to respond to the culture of death. He respected his brother bishops who called for a moratorium on pro-life demonstrations, but he made a forceful case for continuing them. "I would like to believe, however, that the current outcries against the pro-life movement are a reflection of frustration rather than a concerted effort to marginalize millions of non-violent, peaceful people whose only sin is their love for every human life, the life of every baby, the life of every mother. If there is a con