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Today’s Gospel:  Mark 6:1-6   Jesus is not accepted in his hometown What is disturbing about this famous gospel passage about the reaction Christ receives in his hometown is Jesus’ neighbors  admit  He speaks with wisdom and He has performed great deeds. They are astonished, in fact, by His reputation. Yet they cannot admit His miracles and His words come from God. They sputter, “ Where  did this man get all this?” They know his family and He was a simple carpenter. So, they cannot even acknowledge His anointing as a prophet, never mind perceiving that He is the Son of God. The key to their negative attitude towards Jesus is their pride. They are  offended . Their pride shuts their hearts and souls to the truth. Perhaps their noses are out of joint because they are still ordinary. Ironically, it is precisely ordinary, little people who flock to Jesus and who are healed and loved and taught about the wonderful secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven. However, it is little people who ar