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Forgiveness & Mercy -- NOT an Overnight Success

Lying on his deathbed, Jane de Chantal’s husband forgave his cousin who had accidentally shot him while hunting. His young, devoted, heart-broken widow—now a single mother of four young children—was not as fast to reconcile. Jane approached forgiveness with great contemplation. A woman of deep faith, Jane knew that this task would not only take God’s grace to accomplish  but would also require time. At first, she could only greet the man on the street—slowly progressing to inviting him to their home. Jane eventually reached such peace in her relationship with this man that she became the godmother of one of his children. Forgiveness is a process. Sometimes a very long, arduous one but with God's grace it is possible to forgive even in the most difficult of circumstances. As St. Jane experienced herself... READ MORE All Rights Reserved, Allison Gingras 2016 *First appeared in  7 Qualities of Mercy  --   Light Along the Way.

Catholic Conference 4 Moms : Faces of Mercy with Tami Kiser

The second  Catholic Conference 4 Moms: Faces of Mercy  is  coming up in February. It is hard to find childcare or travel to a conference, so Tami brings the Catholic Conference 4 Mom right to us. The 2016 “Faces of Mercy” Catholic Conference 4 Moms will offer: 20+ all new popular presenters and presentations  (see them here) a Spanish Track, featuring presentations specifically for Hispanic moms access to all the videos all the time throughout Lent Live-streamed sessions on Saturday morning featuring Jennifer Fulwiler and on Saturday afternoon of the Divine Mercy Chaplet HD videos also available as MP3 /Podcasts for download read more