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Saint Philip Evans and Saint John Lloyd

Two Welsh  Martyrs are commemorated today 23rd July ,  copied from Wikipedia-
The lives, and deaths of both saints need to be seen against the backdrop of Titus Oates' "plot". Oates concocted a "plot" in which the Anglican[1] King, (Charles the Second) was to be assassinated and his Catholic brother (later, King James the Second) installed as king in his stead. In the febrile atmosphere of the country the "plot" was credulously believed. However, when Oates' story was examined in detail the story collapsed and Oates was flogged and imprisoned; among the many Catholics caught up in the frenzy were Evans and Lloyd. Father Philip Evans
Saint Philip Evans This revered martyr was born in Monmouth, 1645, was educated at St Omer[1] he joined the Society of Jesus, 7 September 1665 in Watten, and was ordained at Liège and sent to South Wales as a missionary in 1675.[1]
He was a zealous priest and despite the official anti-Catholic policy no action was taken aga…