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Catch up on my past posts on Being Catholic ... Really, and

I've been busy writing, so I hope you'll take the time to read some past posts from my home web site, Being Catholic ... Really

My post, "I wanted to spend this summer as if it was my last," won best photo gallery in September, so I'm very proud of that one.  There's a variety of posts about a lot of different topics including politics and the adoption of two members of our family, just to single out a few.

There's also a book review of Colleen C. Mitchell's book, "Who Does He Say You Are?   This is a wonderful book that's perfect to leave out when you want to just concentrate on one particular chapter.  I loved Colleen's insights into the twelve women of the Bible.  "The woman crippled by a demon" really spoke to me and you can find that article on

I also write for so if you're not too sick of my ramblings, I hope you'll stop by there, too.

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