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  This year, the United States of North America chooses a new President, that is, not only the head of his Government and nation, but one of the world leaders with more influence over the fate of humanity. Within an electoral bipartisan democratic system as the American, the political parties and its principles had been, until recently, clearly defined and differential in conservative party and liberal party. But in recent decades the differences on the principles of these parties have been disappearing, especially in the area of human and social well being, leaving voters with more of the same. This problem is   becoming critical for Catholic and Christian citizens in general. Aalthough they constitute the majority of the population in that country,   they are facing   the dilemma of whom to vote for   without letting down their Christian principles, because almost none of them are reflected in much of what the candidates propose. (1)

Promote Catholic Indie Authors

I am one of 5 Catholic Women Bloggers who wrote about our experiences and discoveries mothering. We really have not launched this little gem properly and so it remains buried under all the other indie books. Yesterday, I stumbled on a site which promotes Indie authors. If you vote for our book, we could win $300. One book wins each month. I am not sure if I am slated for November with only two days left or not, but most books only have one or two votes with one with 36 votes. We can submit our book once a month. Each author can only win once a year. We only need 30 more votes -  The money would allow all of us to buy books to have on hand to give or sell to family, friends of people interested  in promoting Love Rebel. How to vote-  You must register first, but it is easy and there are no few fees. Simply click on link   read more about the book THANK YOU

Preparing Kids To Vote

The following copyrighted excerpt is reprinted with permission from  All Things Guy: A Guide to Becoming a Man that Matters  written for Catholic boys aged 9-14.  "Along with patriotism, there is citizenship. You are a citizen of a country. This is what makes you American, Mexican, or French for example. There are a lot of rights and responsibilities that come with citizenship in a country. In many instances, people have died to help obtain the rights and freedoms everyone enjoys. "This is why gratitude to those who are in your history—and obviously knowing about them—is important. Just like there are Catholics who have gone before you in your faith history, so there are county-men who have gone before you in your nation’s history. read more here