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Candlemas at Our House

Candlemas, a nearly forgotten holiday which happens 40 days after Christmas, began this morning when our sons took the Christmas tree out to the curb and put the tree stand in the basement.  Later, I had two girlfriends over and we made beeswax candles. None of us had made candles from scratch before, so we all learned together. I had bought the beeswax pellets this fall to dip autumn leaves and I had a whole lot left over.  Keep on Reading...
St. Martin shared his heavy cloak with the beggar in need of some warmth. And thus was born the tradition of children and Christians carrying beggars' lanterns around on the feast of the saint in honor of this noble deed. Most of the web sites I looked at for this make paper lanterns, but I wanted something that I could put outside this evening that wouldn't get easily blown about in the Ohio wind.  So we opted for autumn lanterns made from glass Ball jars. We started with fall colored tissue paper torn into different sizes and shapes. Then we used Mod Podge to glue the papers to the jars. I used rafia to tie around the tops of the jars in a decorative bow. Twine was tied on each side of the jar to the rafia for a handle.   A votive candle is fastened inside the jar with a bit of wax - and voila! Lanterns suitable for hanging, setting on the table or placed outside.

Activities for other special Catholic events in September, especially Mama Mary's birthday

Besides the  Feast Day of Blessed Mother Teresa , there are a couple of other memorable events coming up this September, namely Mama Mary's birthday (or  Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary ) on September 8,  The Exaltation of the Holy Cross  on September 14 and The  Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows  on September 15. Exciting huh?! ;-)  Let's take a look at what two of my favorite Catholic mommy bloggers have posted with regard to ideas and activities for celebrating these feast days: First of all, may I just say that  Lacy  is really one of my favorite Catholic mommy bloggers?!! She is so blessed with creativity and resourcefulness, and I always refer to  her blog  for crafts and activities that highlight the beauty of the Catholic faith. Here is  her compilation of ideas  (from other amazing Catholic moms!) for celebrating Mama Mary's birthday: So the most obvious idea for celebrating this feast day is to make a birthday cake for Mary. Anything blue is a great idea si