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The Invasion of Time by Eternity: The Birth of Christ

Christmas is not an event within history but is rather the invasion of time by eternity. (Hans Urs Von Balthasar) Eternity Is Not Linear From our point of view, the Infant Jesus was born in a moment in history more than 2,000 years ago. People see time as linear, measurable and so view the first Christmas from their point of view as creatures who are bound by time. This egocentric view completely misses the real ramifications of the Incarnation in our lives. Rather than fondly recounting the tale of Christ’s birth as if it were simply a charming tale we tell children on December 25th, we must stop and really think about this mystery. The fact that God became a man should baffle our mortal minds. If we step back and at least try to view the birth of the Son of God from the point of view of the Holy, Immortal, Almighty One, we can begin to open ourselves to a reality of cosmic proportions. The Eternal God entered time. He also invades us personally if we allow Him to implant