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The Unexpected Visitor

What is your house like today? Should you receive an unexpected visitor? CLICK HERE

Curve Ball

So what happens when life throws you a curve ball? And you ask: "Does God love everyone equally"? or "Does He have favorites"? Well ... does He? CLICK HERE

Father Ignatius Remembers

There are times in life when a piece of music, or an item, suddenly bring memories from the past flashing back. What is it that Father Ignatius suddenly remembers from his past? And how does it affect him now?

Do not miss this story which will no doubt strike a chord with many of you ... CLICK HERE.

Rescue Drive

True Story Click HERE

The Advocate? What Advocate is that?

Who is this Advocate? You may be surprised. Find our HERE


Have you ever consider what hell is like? Not many people these days believe in fire and brimstone. And devils with horns and tails and long forks.
Read how Father Ignatius experienced hell. Share his vision and beware. Click HERE

If you don't believe ... leave ...

The choice is simple. Choose HERE

Forgiveness YES Reconciliation NO

Father Ignatius teaches an important lesson about forgiveness. Don't miss this. Click HERE

My new car

So ... what does my new car have to do with God?
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Thomas' Legacy

I visited some friends the other day. It was a warm evening so we sat in the garden chatting. Moments later they both went into the house to prepare some refreshments and left me in the garden alone.

I sat admiring the view when suddenly out of the bushes came a fox. He moved around for a few seconds then hid again.
When my friend came out I told him about the fox. “Can’t be a fox” he said, “we live too far into town for a fox to come here …”

I said nothing and continued our conversation. Minutes later out came the fox again for a short while.

My friend shouted to his wife still in the house “We’ve got a fox in the back garden!”

Her exact reply was “Can’t be a fox, we live too far into town for a fox to come here!”
He called her a doubting Thomas and laughed it off.

Later that evening I thought about Thomas the disciple. What a service he did for Christianity without realizing it. By doubting Christ’s resurrection Jesus appeared again, and this time Thomas saw Him. The whole eve…

Your Emmaus Valley

Have you ever been to Emmaus Valley? Dark clouds above and a gloomy future ahead?
Father Ignatius teaches about such situations in our lives ...
Please read HERE

Father Ignatius makes a discovery

Father Ignatius makes a discovery which he did not know about ... what is it?
Did YOU know this about Jesus?
Please read HERE

NEWSFLASH - Resurrection Lies


What is the significance of the washing of feet?

This week, many churches re-enact the story of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet before the Last Supper. The priest washes the feet of 12 people representing the disciples. You can bet that the chosen 12 have ensured that their feet, (or foot, because usually one foot is washed to speed the whole procedure), are/is as clean as could be, to avoid embarrassment during the re-enactment.

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How shall I pray You?

Father Ignatius sat in the empty church right up front by Our Lady’s statue. He watched for a while the votive candles burning at her feet and then started his Rosary.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, these words came whirling fast into his head, totally uncontrollable and spontaneous, yet as clear as if they were spoken to him there and then.

Continue reading about Father Ignatius' encounter with Our Lord. Please click HERE

This Man

To read script please click HERE

The Lazarus episode

Is there anything for us to learn in this story about the raising of Lazarus? Is it not just another miracle by Jesus? What is so different this time?

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Why no one asked Jesus this question?

In this story, Father Ignatius is asked a question which should tackle our consciences even today ...

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Sharing my thoughts

If you can spare just 5 minutes, come and share my thoughts about our relationship with God.

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Why bother to pray?

People sometimes ask: Why pray? Will it change the will of God, or budge Him in any way?

Sometimes we pray and pray for days on end with seemingly no results?

Are we wasting our time?

Why bother?

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