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Why I Cope With Life Better Today (as a Catholic)

I do not know how I would cope with my life if I were not Catholic. I can easily tell you that I would not cope well. Years of living beforehand would bear that out. Here are some differences in how I get through tough times today vs. during my "heretical" years.  (1) My emotions do not control my decisions as much Free will has to do with making decisions without being driven by emotions. I am making more solid, logical and clear choices now than I ever have before. During my "heretical years," I believed that free will had to do with extricating myself from the oppression of moral obligations in order to be free to follow my feelings. How did that work out for me? Hmm.. I'm writing this... so... (2) I take care to have selfless motives.  When I pursue being of the greatest service to God above the motives for comfort, public opinion or material things, each decision I make has meaning. When I work to make my life a gift to God rather than a gif

Comfort Our Children

“Everything will be fine…” How many times a mother says just this, with or without words… Are these spontaneous words empty of content? No! God guarantees the fulfillment of a mother’s promise! In fact, the words are a  prayer,  even when they are just a sigh or an ache we feel. When a mother consoles her children, God sees to it that her consolations become reality, in one way or another. Everything will be fine. Don’t worry. Don’t cry.  Rest  in my arms… Continue reading...