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16 Good Reasons to Use Fiber Every Day!

Tired of always hearing the F(iber) word being tossed about?? And has it become such a commonplace word for us to hear — for so long — that we’ve become rather immune to it being said, over & over again?  Just maybe, then, we have preferred to overlook it, or ignore it… Maybe to believe, as well, that there really must be something else we could use in its place, which will sound much more effective & cutting-edge for us to try these days?  But why?? …especially when there’s so much ongoing support for its power, particularly when it’s delivered properly?  But there is a catch… And it has to do with getting real — and fulfilling a need for the whole truth ... A truth that’s S imple , S ynergistic , and S ane ! ...   16 Good Reasons to Use Fiber – the Right [Whole] Way : 1 . For weight regulation ; 2 . For serum cholesterol (total; LDL) control ; 3 . For blood pressure control; 4 . ... +more! ► Clic k HERE to Read More at The