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Not your Average Catholic

For my first post here at the Association of Catholic Women Bloggers, I thought it best to give you a flavor for why I write. Why I write Catholic, converted , unequally yoked , mother, Latina,  Dominican Spirituality with a smattering of funny. I try to apply what I learn at mass to what I see in the secular .  I started on Pinterest - which isn't very common. As a convert to the faith married to an atheist, I wanted a place that I could gather all I could about this wonderful, rich tapestry of faith while at the same time respecting my first vocation as a wife. In the dark, I could collect images attached to websites that spoke of scapulars, saints, the Virgin Mary, Third Orders, the Mass and the Sacraments. This would be my first schooling into the faith as it happened in real life - after RCIA.  The images turned into writing on a summer day last year and I write most every day. Some of my favorite posts are funny, revealing, controversial and deeply personal. The poin