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Join the Pope's Official Prayer Group!

The Pope has a prayer group, and it's called the Apostleship of Prayer. The  international Apostleship of Prayer website  has a map of the prayer group's offices around the world: Praying with the Pope around the world! These offices serve the Church by uniting people in prayer for the Pope's personal intentions. I love clicking on the links to Apostleship of Prayer sites from various countries. Just a few minutes on these sites helps me work on my foreign language skills and provides a glimpse into the vibrant prayer lives of our brothers and sisters around the globe. When Pope Francis visited the US last month, he asked at  every  stop for people to pray for him. The worldwide Apostleship of Prayer gives us a concrete way to do exactly that. Find out how to become a member of the prayer group St. Therese of Lisieux joined at Praying with Grace !

Pope Francis Asks Us To Pray

Each month, Pope Francis entrusts his particular prayer intentions to the Apostleship of Prayer, which has offices around the world. The Pope has these two prayers on his heart in December: Universal Prayer: Christmas, Hope for Humanity Evangelization Prayer: Parents Please visit the Apostleship of Prayer website for videos and reflections on Pope Francis' prayer intentions.  Children can pray with the Pope too! Age-appropriate reflections and activities are here . Thank you for praying with us!