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Lord, Have Mercy on My Lent

Have you READ this little gem yet? My Lent will never be the same. Join me at Praying with Grace to hear why this book can transform Lent. Also, free printable!

Works of Mercy Bouquet: Part 2

This is the  second  in a  series  of posts on the works of Mercy and how to live them as a family.  Today we will explore Giving Drink to Those who Thirst. Source 1 Like feeding the hungry, reaching out to the poor and homeless is a great first step.  Food pantries can use donations of bottled water or other healthy drinks for those who frequent them.  Likewise, soup kitchens need drinks to distribute to the hungry that pass through. It's a niche that is often overlooked.  Unfortunately, one of the greatest threats to the homeless is dehydration. It is very difficult for them to find adequate ran water supplies and they are most often provided with carbonated or sugary beverages... Continued on Veils and Vocations.