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Picking Up the Wrong Cross

... The Gift of Receptivity ... ...Personally, my receptivity feelers do not fire on all cylinders. Sure, I’m open to whatever God has for me as long as it is good, healthy, and includes very little discomfort. Unlike Jesus entering into Jerusalem ready to fulfill God’s Will, I spend far too much time avoiding God and his Will. Perhaps I am hoping that if I am really quiet and well-behaved, I will avoid whatever cross is lurking in my day. Ironically, my cross has become my fear of the cross. My focus is far too much on this false fear of the possible tragedy lurking around the corner, and in turn I lose sight the good things God has in store for me—in any situation.... ... Holy Thursday Blessings ... Read more ....  All Rights Reserved, Allison Gingras 2017 Reflection part of the WINE Lenten Book Club #LentenWalk

True Love and the Cross

What is the  first  thing that comes to mind when you think of   LOVE ? A chubby baby dressed as a Greek god for Halloween? Sappy pictures of hands joined together? A red rose? A box of favorite chocolates? Let's go a bit deeper, shall we?   Relationships .  Cuddly feelings?   Smiles? Are these really great examples (or even, for goodness' sake,  realistic ) examples of true love?  (By the way, I never  really  understood the whole last part of  The Princess Bride  where they rated the kisses ~ what kind of job would that be to do such a thing?  It would stink.) But, it seems as if society has  twisted  the definition of true  love. One of the definitions for "love" on is   " a   feeling   of   warm   personal   attachment   or   deep   affection".  If love becomes reduced to a happy emotion, it quickly   deteriorates   and loses its value.  "Love is not affectionate feeling, but a s

Update: Palm Sunday

My annual Palm Sunday project is finished!  I wove five palm fronds into these cone shapes.  I will keep the green vase on my dresser next to a statue of Our Lady and the Christ Child.  The blue and white vase will be in my prayer/music practice room next to my crucifix. My woven palms I am a lector in my parish.  This morning I had the honor of reading the First Reading, Isaiah 50:4-7, which was the prophetic third Song of the Suffering Servant.  It is a reading that reminds us to listen before speaking, always wise advice for anyone.  I was also the narrator for the Gospel Reading, the Passion according to Luke.  When I read, I get absorbed in what I'm reading, and certain parts resonate with me during the process. When Peter denied Jesus three times, as the Lord had predicted he would, the cock crowed and Jesus turned and looked at Peter.  The gaze of Jesus hurt Peter.  He wept bitterly, remorsefully.  As I read this today I imagined Jesus' looking.