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Tis the Season to Meet & Greet... for Wellness Sake

This Holiday Season (Thanksgiving Day through New Year’s Day 2015) has been my very first with a real “ Diet ” in my life... A diet that I really must stick with... and never forget about,  even while in the company of others, of course; others who may have the potential to tempt me away from my commitment... a challenge we all come to face, for one reason or another...  The challenge of people! Yes, in addition to our Challenge 1 [ Opportunity ], we will naturally meet many different people: from family members & friends to co-workers or even strangers; who may come to challenge our commitment to this diet of ours throughout the holiday season and beyond—challenging our commitment to have & to hold onto this new way of life that we've grown to actually need... >> Click Here to Read More at: The Way to Nourish for Life >>