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Tired of the Lies? Seek Truthfulness!

Anyone who knows me well, knows never to lie to me. When someone lies, and the truth comes out, trust is broken; sometimes irreparably so. For me, I cannot trust someone who I know is a liar. Habitual liars are the worst. I think they get to a point where they cannot discern Truth if they tried. Yet, these folks exist, and we must deal with them. It’s because of the habitual lies, that we must question everything that comes out of their mouths to discern objective truth. We must seek truthfulness. Since President Trump took office, he has told more than 12,000 documented lies! That’s more than 12 documented lies, per day, on average! Now, that’s a habitual liar. I do not trust him. His perpetual violation of the Eighth Commandment is something to be concerned about regarding our very safety, as his lies impact national security. His lies exhaust me; for every lie told, requires us to seek the objective truth to counter each lie.  I’m tired of the lies. Seek Truthfulness Livin

Medjugorje: I DON'T believe and Why.

People do not realize how deceptive the demon is and how careful we must be to avoid his traps.   There are so many reasons to question this apparition and to seek God for discernment.  1.  The apparition makes Our Blessed Mother look foolish, benign and irrelevant.  When you look at the apparitions at Fatima and Lourdes, they were limited, specific in location and nature.  This is not the case at Medjugorje.  These 'seers' having visions of our Blessed Mother where ever THEY are which is not in accordance with our Mother's dignity and grace.  She 'speaks' everyday, and is very repetitive in her messages.  The demon is not above speaking what he knows is true if it will water down that truth.  The 'seers' see the Blessed Virgin no matter where THEY go.  In the past it was Our Lady that asked the visionary to come to her, the messages were specific, urgent and very relevant.  The messages were also brief in length and scope. When you watch the same show

"Go to the Devil"

Two different people recently told me to "Go to the Devil" although they didn't realize that was what they did.  One of them suggested that I tell a lie which would benefit them, the other one suggested that I tell a lie that would benefit me.  Each one of them told me in their own way to "Go to the Devil."  The demon is the Father of lies, there is NO truth in him.  When we tell lies, or entice someone to lie for us then we are using the devils tactics and are on his territory.   So congratulations, you have just shaken hands with the Devil and chained yourself to him.   Not only that, but if you have enticed someone to lie and they do it, now you are somewhat responsible for that person being chained also.  Now the demon has TWO prisoners.   How deceptive the demon is!  He not only chains souls with something as flimsy as cobwebs, but convinces them that it is 100lb chain that they and that they can't get free.  He either tells them they can't

The Long List of Lies

My spiritual director encouraged me to spend some time praying about Mark 1:11 in which God our Father says to Jesus, "You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased." I've never had trouble with the fact that our Father was 'well pleased' with Jesus but I stumbled on the thought that He might be well pleased with me. How could that be? I had a long list, in my heart, of all the reasons that God couldn't possibly be well pleased with me but, as I began to dissect the list, I could see that it was a Long List of Lies because God's Word said otherwise and God's Word is Truth. Here are a few entries from the List of Lies. Maybe you have others. "I'm not good enough." That seems to be the Accuser's number one, all-purpose, one size fits all lie. He doesn't usually have to go much farther than this. He has variations on this theme, of course: "I'll never amount to anything." "If others only knew how stupid