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Halfway Through Lent - Are You Walking the Camino?

God always seeks out His children.  Like the Shepherd who searches for the lost sheep, God seeks to bring us closer to Him.  God might be silent so that we may hear.  God might give us signs of His Love so that we may believe.  God might bind us close in His Love, so that we do not stray.  God might remind us of our sinfulness so that we may be saved.  God might make us uncomfortable as He shapes us in the Flames of His Unending Love.  God might pull back so that we may learn to trust.  God, the Lord of Creation, does what He needs to do so that when time has ended, we will share heaven with Him. Lent is a time in which we can, through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, grow closer to God.  As we have walked this Camino del Rey, we have improved our prayer lives, we have fasted, and we have given alms.  Some of us have been strict in our adherence to these practices.  Some  of us have fallen.  (Yes, I have!)  Some have not practiced any of the pillars of Lent.  As Pope Fr