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Wishing You Christ's Joy

Christ’s joy is not fleeting. His joy abides in the human heart, even in times of stress. Christ’s joy is what I wish for you this holiday season. How does one receive such a joy, so deep, that even crises cannot set it a kilter? Such joy resides in the heart of one who places their full faith and trust in Jesus. I can give personal testimony to this fact. Christ’s Joy Touched My Life Back in 2011, I felt much discontent in my job. Therefore, I knew I needed a change. So, I handed in my retirement notice. I went back to school for my Masters in Pastoral Theology and gave my life to God to do with as He sees fit. Walking away from a sure salary, and entering the unknown, took faith and trust in God. It’s been seven plus years now, and I’ve never looked back. No, I don’t make the kind of money I made in my previous life, but I have Christ’s joy, instead. And His joy is priceless! Read more...