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FOR HEART & HEALTH: First Friday Reminder & National Wear Red Day!

A Little Reminder For Wearing Of The RED … In Devotion To The HEART … Along With 3 Wholesome Recipes For Heart-Healthy Treats of Red... [which could be perfect for this weekend,  before Lent begins –  if giving up chocolate:] ...  >> Click HERE to Read More at: The Way To Nourish For Life >>

The Heart… Front & Center For Life! (In Honor of American Heart Month)

It’s February! …That special time of year dedicated to the heart — The month known for being “American Heart Month” ever since 1964 — And that has Valentine’s Day at it’s very center! Our call to take time out this month for matters of the heart, and for seeing the big picture for us, as individuals, and for our country as a whole... Would you know the Signs of having a Heart Attack?... LORD, that we may become centered once again for sake of body, mind, and soul. >> Click Here to Read More at: The Way To Nourish For Life >>

Wearing of the Red!

Happy First Friday. ♥ Time for little heart to Heart. ♥   → Click HERE to view a friendly bird's reminder .