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We Live in a Crazy Mixed Up World

Let’s face it! We live in a crazy mixed up world! With trade wars threatening to plummet us into another Great Depression, and children being separated from their parents while trying to enter the country seeking asylum, we simply carry on. Sometimes, the only way we can cope is to ignore the news. While evil acts seek to destroy us as a society, we carry on with our hope placed in Christ. Yes, we live in a crazy mixed up world, but we don’t have to cave in to the crazy. We can rise above it. When life gets crazy, I enter into some serious prayer time; for I know that some of the messes that we get ourselves into, only God can get us out. I pray for peace (my own and for others), as well as the strength to carry on, and the courage to rise up, when needed, to make a positive difference. And then there are times when all we need is common sense, a little laughter and a dose of kindness. Use your common sense to determine verifiable truth. (Don’t believe everything you hear witho