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Giving so Others may Serve

You know that I have a heart for religious vocations!  Peter Lyons is running a fundraising campaign to help him begin his priestly discernment.  This boy is such a polished, eloquent young man.  
When I donated, although I wish I could have paid for the whole trip, Peter sent me a personal email. It was not a form letter, it was a heartfelt message. He thanked me, promised to pray for me, and then named exact times and places where he would pray for my intentions.  Who couldn't use a some extra prayer, especially when offered by a soul so ablazed for Christ!
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How to Talk to Children about Suffering

When we talk to children about suffering, it's unhelpful to discuss WHY bad things happen. Suffering--a result of the Fall--makes no sense in and of itself. What children need to hear is that our suffering can be a powerful source of good for others. Jesus shows us how.

Children can learn to be sensitive to suffering. When adults empathize with them (I'm so sorry you tripped and scraped your knee. Oooh, I know that must hurt!), they learn to share others' sadness. And when empathetic children grow up, they become courageous citizens who defend the weak and the suffering.
I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.  (Ezekiel 36:26) Please click on over to Praying with Grace to read more of today's article
and to see the reflection & activity sheets for children.

Pope Francis Asks Us To Pray

Each month, Pope Francis entrusts his particular prayer intentions to the Apostleship of Prayer, which has offices around the world. The Pope has these two prayers on his heart in December:

Universal Prayer: Christmas, Hope for HumanityEvangelization Prayer: Parents Please visit the Apostleship of Prayer website for videos and reflections on Pope Francis' prayer intentions. 
Children can pray with the Pope too! Age-appropriate reflections and activities are here.
Thank you for praying with us!