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Facebook for Christ

FACEBOOK FOLLOW FRENZY! Our ACWB Facebook page is not well known. Come visit and add your link to our community.  We fill our own feeds with  awesome Catholic blogs AND grow our own FB pages as well!? Add your page, as we have so many new members to meet...... The how-to: 1 In a comment box below, type @ and then your page name, which will pop up, similar to when you tag a fr iend. This way we need only hover over the comment to see the blog page appear in a bubble and "like" it. 2. Like all pages in comments above and below you and "like" the comment as well. 3 Don't link and run...please revisit this thread in days to come to like more pages that are added. Enjoy discovering new Catholic blogs and thanks for participating!  OUR FACEBOOK PAGE When you put your  facebook URL in comments, this is what will pop up

Would you want your Facebook page memorialized?

Would you want your Facebook page memorialized?  Would you want it frozen in time forever?  Or would you want it deleted? As an administrator of a page, I would want my  Being Catholic ... Really  page to continue and my daughter would be the perfect choice to do that if she's willing.  I don't really care about my personal page.  My family may or may not want it to remain. You can read the rest at Being Catholic ... Really .

Our New Facebook Page

Change Cover Come visit, "like" our page, join as a friend and then let your friends know!  23 likes in the first 2 hours 30 likes in 4 hours XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Melanie Jean Juneau/ACWB t Community We are a group of committed writers who speak the Good News as Catholics