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Rudeness Gets You Nowhere!

  Have you ever found that being rude served you well? I seriously doubt it! Why? Because rudeness gets you nowhere and serves no good purpose. If you find that others become offended by what you say and/or what you do, then you need to ask yourself why. Could it be because you made a rude remark or act? Rudeness does not increase your friends list or garner you any respect. So, why not make a change? Eliminate Rudeness by Embracing Courtesy Consider embracing courtesy. Here are some ways that you can make that happen: Rather than acting rude, be polite and respectful toward others. By doing so, you will see politeness and respect returned to you. Also, be considerate of others in both your acts and expression. Be Rather than pushing someone out of the way, so that you can proceed through the door first, hold the door open for the other person to enter first. Act out of a sense of... Read more...

Try Courtesy as a Lenten Sacrifice

I don’t know about you, but I had to turn away from politics. I couldn’t stand the backbiting and vitriolic comments slung in every direction. Yesterday was super Tuesday, so in recent weeks, the political ads were coming at me  ad nauseum . I live in North Carolina, one of the super Tuesday states with primaries. The lack of common courtesy, so prevalent, in our society today, especially in the political ads, gets me down, to the point where I need to walk away, close myself off, and regroup. Why can’t we be civil with each other? Maybe we should all try courtesy as a Lenten sacrifice. Courtesy as a Lenten Sacrifice Who would have thought that we would ever stoop so low that we need to suggest common courtesy as a Lenten sacrifice? That extending courtesy to another person should be a sacrifice? Courtesy is something that every one of us should be excellent at. Yet, here we are, begging for courtesy. If you find it difficult to accept the political opinions of your neighbor,

Enough of the Rude Behavior! Seek Courtesy

The discourse within our society has reached a level of vitriol that I have not seen in my 60+ years on this planet. We hear the barbs on the nightly news. We read the foul language on social media. And then there is the face-to-face disagreements. Everywhere we turn, we come up against rude behavior.  When we cannot be civil with each other and thus, resort to name-calling, cursing and arguments, we have lost our way. It’s time that we take that unwanted rude behavior and change our ways to seek Courtesy. Courtesy is polite and respectful behavior towards others. Courtesy requires us to be considerate of others in both word and deed. It all comes down to following the Golden Rule: “ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you ” (Matt 7:12). If you do not want to be on the receiving end of rude behavior, then first and foremost, don’t dish it out! That’s one way to make the world a better place. Secondly, if someone is rude to you, don’t ... Read more...

Foster Goodness for the Common Good

What do you gain by being uncivil? How do you benefit by thinking more of yourself and less of others? Why must your needs and desires supersede anyone else’s needs and desires? Incivility, a lack of humility, and a sense of superiority are at the root of our nation’s divisiveness. It is time that we foster goodness for the sake of the common good. It’s time that we begin acting more Christ-like and love our neighbor. Picture yourself standing in line waiting to check out at a department store. In front of you is a woman berating the sales clerk because she can’t use more than one coupon. What are you thinking? Are you saying to yourself, “You go girl! Give it to that clerk!” Or, might you be thinking, “Wow, I’m glad I’m not that clerk!” How is being uncivil making the woman look good? Certainly, she is not virtuous, as she lacks civility. When someone makes such outbursts, they do not foster goodness for the sake of the common good. Such actions demonstrate that the woman is onl

Business Ethics Have a Moral Basis

We live in a secular world. Yet, how we conduct ourselves, in business, has at its foundation God’s moral laws – what we call today, business ethics.  Business ethics calls for us to be honest, respectful, wise, prudent, just, tactful and courteous in transacting business with others. These ethics require us to be virtuous, if we want to be successful! Business Ethics at Work Honest  – The Eighth Commandment states, “ You shall not bear dishonest witness against your neighbor ” (Deut. 5:20). God calls us to live by the truth. Live an upright life, both in action and speech; tactfully, and with kindness. Respectful  – “ Do to others what you would have them do to you ” (Matt 7:12). God calls us to love unconditionally and that means respecting others, especially when we do not see eye to eye. We must not only respect others, but respect differences of opinion as well. Wise  – “ In the heart of the intelligent wisdom abides, but in the bosom of fools it is unknown ” (Prov. 14