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The Sin We Don't Like to Admit

The Sin I Hate to Admit to is Envy A few years ago I was sitting in a conference hall awaiting the next speaker.  It was Jeff Cavins and he was coming up to speak about envy.  I actually contemplated going to do something else for that hour because although I knew I had an occasional issue with jealousy, I was all set in the envy arena. OH my, was I wrong!!  Probably why the Spirit sat me mid-row that day; and as I looked down the row and realized how many people I'd have to vault and navigate to leave, I decided to leave my bottom planted and listen.

When the Answer is No--An Update of James Fischer

This is a post that I hoped I would not have to write, but His Ways are not our ways.  His Plan is perfect even when it is not the plan we would every choose for ourselves or our loved ones.  Thank you all who have joined me in praying for James Fischer--praying, pleading, begging for a miracle. Read more at Veils and Vocations.

Do We Recognize Answered Prayer?

I was reminded recently that prayers are very often answered in the most unexpected ways.

Praying Us Home

As we looked around the kitchen, something caught my eye. The curtains in the living room--the only curtains still up in the house--jogged my memory. As I had been cleaning out my grandmother's cedar chest, I kept coming back to this one pair of curtains. I didn't know why and couldn't figure out why they were speaking to me. They definitely weren't her prettiest curtains. After picking them up for the fifth time, I decided to take them and maybe I would figure out their significance later---and there they were, the same curtains! Read more on Veils and Vocations .

Three Prayers God Always Says "Yes!" To...

You prayed for a job promotion and didn’t get it; then you found a leak in the roof of your home. You prayed for a cure for your toothache and instead found out that your hours at work were cut. You prayed for a way to pay for new tires on your car yet nothing materialized; but you did find out your sister is getting divorced. It seems as though God wasn’t just saying “no” to your prayers but was kicking it up a notch as well. Confused, you go back to Scripture with all its rich promises and try to find answers to your frustrating prayer life. read more here