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The Stations of the Cross with the Masters; Reflections by Fr William Doyle SJ

First Station: Jesus is condemned to death Christ Before Pilate   Tintoretto,  1566-67,  Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Venice Around the judgement seat are grouped a motley crowd. Men and women of every rank, the high-born Jewish maiden, the rough Samaritan woman; haughty Scribes and proud Pharisees mingle with the common loafer of the great city. Hatred has united them all for one common object; hatred of One Who ever loves them and to their wild fury has only opposed acts of gentle kindness. A mighty scream goes up, a scream of fierce rage and angry fury, such a sound as only could be drawn from the very depths of hell. “Death to Him! Death to the false prophet!” He has spent His life among you doing good – Let Him die! He has healed your sick, given strength to the palsied, sight to your blind – Let Him die! He has raised your dead – Let death be His fate! Second Station: Jesus takes up His cross Christ Carrying the Cross El Greco, 1600-05, Museo del Prado, Madrid