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Three Steps to Becoming Your Own Best Prayer Warrior

Miriam loved being a prayer warrior for her church and her friends. She took the job of pounding on heaven’s doors very seriously. In fact, being a prayer warrior was very much in line with Miriam’s own gift of intercession. Unfortunately, Miriam was plagued with the false idea that while other’s deserved healing and wholeness and miracles, she did not. And this false belief led to less and less successful intercession for others as Miriam’s own needs for healing and wholeness and miracles continued to be unmet because she did not feel she was worthy of heaven’s help. Many, many Christians suffer from the same false belief that Miriam experienced. Countless Christians feel unworthy of heavenly intercession; but nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, it behooves every Christian to become his own, best prayer. Read more at picture:  ID 37530342 ©   Dharshani

About Christian Prayer: With David Torkington

I discovered a wonderful blog written by a man of prayer who considers it his life’s work to share the joy of true Christian prayer and to teach people how to pray.  He has also published countless books. In his own words David says,” All my writings try to promote the Christian way of prayer, and I consider it my life’s work.” David writes at   David Torkington: Journalist, Author, Speaker . Melanie:  Are you familiar with the Fr. John Main’s use of a Christian mantra, Maranatha, while meditating? . David : Yes I am. But I do not agree with his use of mantras for everyone, at all stages of the Christian prayer journey. To quote from my website:- The Christian mystical tradition continually asserts that any man-made means or techniques cannot attain true contemplation, which is a pure gift of God. The gift of contemplation is only given after years of practising prayer in the context of an ascetical life-style. There is