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My Portable Choir Stall

It is morning in the monastery.  Sister silently enters the chapel and takes her place in a choir stall, a chair made exclusively to be a place of prayer.  As the hours move on, Sister will come back and back to the choir stall.  Mid-morning, afternoon, evening, just before bedtime… here she returns to chant praise, participate in Mass, pray with Scripture, meet hour after hour with God.  Sister begins and continues and ends her day here.  She answers the bell’s call to prayer when she feels great and when she has a headache.  She comes to the choir stall when she feels close to God, when she's distracted, and when her spiritual life seems barren and dry.  I have learned that, in the cloister of my heart, I, too, have a "choir stall."  Mine is a portable place of prayer, traveling with me to supermarket, airplane, mall.   I can "sit down" in this prayer-chair regardless of surroundings, seeking God's touch upon my life and on the lives of

Wisdom From a Cloistered Heart by Nancy Schuman

In the Inmost Being of the Soul                              'The dwelling of God is very different in different souls:                              in some He dwells alone, in others not;                              in some He dwells contented, in others displeased;                              in some as in His own home, giving His orders and ruling it;                              in others as a stranger in a house not His own,                              where He is not permitted to command or to do anything at all....                              We must remember that the Word, the Son of God,                              together with the Father and the Holy Ghost,                              is hidden in essence and presence                              in the inmost being of the soul.'         (from Sheltering the Divine Outcast, compiled by A Religious,   The Peter Reilly Co, Philadelphia, 1952, pp. 47-48) Anderson painting