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When A Minute Encompassed Eternity

“ When we carry God in our hearts, we are at home anywhere. ” ( The Living Pyx of Jesus, by a Religious, Pelligrini and Co., Australia, 1941)  An encounter that I had longed for, searched for but it had become a brittle dream, a dry leaf long abandoned. I felt   empty, despondent with all inner resources depleted. A mere shell. Yet deeper than the despair Existed a spark of yearning, an ache of hope that was  nonverbal, even preverbal A common yearning in all humanity. Unexpectedly, a mere glance slipped silently into the dark cave within me Like a wisp of smoke suddenly bursting into flame As if the dry litter in my heart was merely tinder, feeding this ethereal fire. A surge of heat surged through my inner self, Seeping into my muscles, soothing my mind. continue>