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Our Lady's Image - Veiling Series

Happy Tuesday All,
I hope your day is blessed.

I wanted to invite you all to participate in a Veiling Series on my blog. There is a new lady telling her veiling story every Tuesday. We hope to have a husband or two and a Priest or two also participate.
Additionally, there are many kinds of head coverings that are being spoken about.

If you are discerning wearing a head covering or you already wear one, you will love this series.

The Introduction to Our Lady's Image is here: Our Lady's Image, An Introduction
So far, I have told my story: Our Lady's Image, My Veiling Story
Karen Zenti has told her story: Our Lady's Image, Karen's Veiling Story
Mae Lacy has told her story: Our Lady's Image, Mae Lacy's Veiling Story
AND - today, Lily Wilson Beck has told her story: Our Lady's Image, Lily's Veiling Story

Next Tuesday there will be a new story told. Each story is original to the series (meaning we've all told our stories before but these must be new t…