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Ready or Not, Here He Comes

The Savior is coming!  The Savior is coming! You Also Must Be Prepared [Mt 24] While sitting in my car recently, waiting for my son, a song (from earlier this year) came on the radio that I never heard of before… A song that very unexpectedly led me into thinking about THE coming.  It was just a few days before Advent at the time, when Catholics are especially reminded of the “last things”, nearing the threshold of our season of hope & preparation. The song, however, is actually about the ruin of Pompeii , the ancient Roman city near modern-day Naples , as it was suddenly buried under the volcanic ash of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.  Apparently, the songwriter was inspired by the people of Pompeii ; that is, in how their remains were forever preserved in their positions, at that exact moment in time... “caught up and lost in… vices.”  It made me wonder… Will I (we), too, be caught, off-guard & unprepared for last things; for judgment?  …Which led me to also consider how