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Offer Our Suffering with Christ

These are very difficult times we are in right now. As the Coronavirus makes its way across the world, many people suffer from the symptoms: fever, cough and respiratory problems. The Coronavirus is similar to the flu, but deadlier. Anyone who has had the flu knows how bad the flu can make you feel. Add the fear of no remedy, treatment or vaccine, coupled with the ease of transmission that the Coronavirus offers and we are truly brought to our knees. It is at times like this that we can offer our suffering with Christ; uniting our suffering to Christ’s suffering on the Cross. Suffering with Christ The social distancing that we currently experience can make us feel isolated and lonely. No one is comfortable with such a lifestyle. We all want it to end quickly, so that we can get back to normal, or a “new normal.” This whole experience is antithetical to how God created us. He created us to be social beings; to live in community with each other. So, when called to stay at home,

Stealing Christ's Job

An article I wrote for Catholic Lane The fundamental difference between self- centered piety and true, vibrant life in  Christ is when we give up trying to save  ourselves and surrender to Jesus. Every society, every culture has a tradition of a scapegoat, someone to blame and punish for the sin of that particular society. It follows then that in the beginning of the spiritual life we are when confronted with our own sinfulness and those around us, we are conditioned to act like the scapegoat.  When I take on the identity of a scapegoat, even if I  live a devout, disciplined, ascetic lifestyle with a daily round of mass, rosaries, Eucharistic Adoration and frequent confession, I still fall into a trap. It is a trap that all of us fall into as we try to become devoted disciples of Jesus. It is a piety that in the end focuses on ourselves, our actions, our devotions and effort. I am at the front and centre, not God. To make a shift from an egocentric lifestyle to a God

True Love and the Cross

What is the  first  thing that comes to mind when you think of   LOVE ? A chubby baby dressed as a Greek god for Halloween? Sappy pictures of hands joined together? A red rose? A box of favorite chocolates? Let's go a bit deeper, shall we?   Relationships .  Cuddly feelings?   Smiles? Are these really great examples (or even, for goodness' sake,  realistic ) examples of true love?  (By the way, I never  really  understood the whole last part of  The Princess Bride  where they rated the kisses ~ what kind of job would that be to do such a thing?  It would stink.) But, it seems as if society has  twisted  the definition of true  love. One of the definitions for "love" on is   " a   feeling   of   warm   personal   attachment   or   deep   affection".  If love becomes reduced to a happy emotion, it quickly   deteriorates   and loses its value.  "Love is not affectionate feeling, but a s

Should I Pray for Healing...Or Should I Carry My Cross?

It is ironic that, as a Catholic, the most difficult part of having a chronic health issue isn’t the health issue itself but is the big question: Should I pray for healing…or should I carry my cross? And it is that question that often keeps us spiraling through a journey that is already burdensome and often overwhelming. In my own journey, which has lasted for the better part of two decades, I know that I’ve gone through many different phases. There were times that I tried to take on St. Paul’s attitude of embracing the “thorn” of an illness while at other times I was on my knees praying—between sobs of anguish—for healing. I’ve attended Healing Masses where I’ve been prayed over by a team of healers and have hands laid upon me; I’ve had private healing prayers said over me. I’ve done novenas and have sought alternative medical care—all at my own expense—when the established medical system failed me. I’ve been in bed unable to move from the dizziness that has enveloped me and hav