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Maintaining Patience, in a Time of Crisis

So, how is your patience level these days? Feeling a little stressed? Maybe you’re snapping at your spouse, and wondering why? If you answer yes to these questions, then join my club! Yes, my patience level needs some work. Impatience, in a time of crisis, is normal, especially when dealing with the unknown increases your stress. Yet, maintaining patience, in a time of crisis, can serve you well. Maintaining Patience The first thing that you need to do is to determine what increases your stress level, thus, decreasing your patience. Lately, for me, my stress level increases every time I hear... Read more...

In a Crisis, I Found Refuge in Infused Prayer

In the midst of a family crisis, I found refuge in the words of the prayer Jesus gave us. When we are open to the Holy Spirit, the Father shines His purifying light on us. The process is often painful, though, because when the light of the Father comes into our hearts and lives, the darkness is pushed out. Looks like I must be open to God’s work because my whole life has been shattered by decades-old secrets revealed by angry adult children. The whole process is messy but God breaks through my anxiety some days so I can respond to His call for complete surrender. However, like most mothers, I try to fix problems only to make situations worse. Back and forth I go, from heavenly peace to a state of sheer panic when I can hardly function. However, through it all, I know God is using this mess to bring healing to the whole family, just like He is healing His entire Church. Our only recourse is to draw closer to the heart of the Lord and give Him our fiat, in the middle of our con

Second chance at 40´s (Spanish) Segunda adolescencia:la crisis de los 40´s

¡De pronto te das cuenta que has rebasado los 40s! ¡Es en esa fiesta de cumpleaños cuando contienes la respiración (quizá con dificultad ya) para apagar las velitas, o cuando caes en la cuenta de que solo ponen velas de números...o cada velita representa una década! Algo esta cambiando, tu rendimiento, tus fuerzas, tu digestión, tus rodillas, a l verte al espejo son más evidentes las ojeras, las patitas de gallo, las comisuras de los labios son más marcadas, el pelo escasea, las canas son evidentes. En esta etapa se presenta la crisis de la mitad de la vida, algunos le llaman también crisis de la segunda adolescencia; se produce una evaluación de la vida en base a la comparación entre las metas fijadas y los logros, se puede experimentar una sensación de estancamiento, y vive en forma egocéntrica y sin mucha proyección hacia el futuro. Etapa de reevaluación que se extiende a las relaciones personales, intimas y otros aspectos del estilo de vida; sucede debido a un cambio en la orie

God’s Rx: Are you taking it as prescribed?

As a wife and mother of two children working outside of the home , I am always asked how I manage to find time to pray. Add flu season, quick jaunts to the doctor and pharmacist a couple of times a week, and it’s daunting. Recently, my youngest, Gabriel, was sick with an ear infection. He gets these often enough to know the routine of the in-and-out visit and his favorite “bubble gum medicine” being magically sent to the pharmacist for pick up. After a few days, Gabriel always ends up feeling better and our world goes back to the break-neck speed I can handle. This last time, I forgot a dose and mentioned it to him. Gabriel assured me it was ok because he was feeling better and probably didn’t need it. I quickly explained the need to take medicine exactly as it’s prescribed by the doctor. “Just because we feel better, doesn’t mean we stop taking medicine, Gabriel”.  Can you see my finger wagging? He nodded like the little man he is (did I mention, he’s 6 years old?). I r