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Dead To Me

  I read that the Clintons have a “dead to me” list. Or maybe it is a “dead to us ” list. They are, after all, a machine when it comes to politics so I imagine this list is some combined effort (he adds one, she adds one and maybe even Chelsea adds a few) based upon all their experiences over the past few decades. And of course, the whole thing may just be a rumor—but between you and me, somehow I don’t think so. Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of appeal in making a “dead to me” list so if it is true, I imagine theirs might be very long, indeed. Actually, whose wouldn’t be of some length? It is so easy for us to take our hurts and our pains and turn them into such a list; it is only natural to see the injustices and the slings and arrows of life as a battle cry for retribution and retaliation. read more> Cheryl Dickow