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How Can You Excel This Lent? #ExcelLent

We know that Lent is a time for praying, fasting and giving.  However, those three words have a multitude of meanings for each of us. What I have come to realize as I peruse the plethora of ideas on what to do for Lent  that can be found online and in print, is  that what makes for a meaningful Lent for me, may not have as much, or  any, meaning for you.      We are each uniquely and wonderfully made by our God.  And we are each called in unique and wonderful ways to serve Him. So how can you excel this Lent?     I don't have any new ideas that haven't already been shared.  What I do have are some suggestions to help you discern what you could  do this Lent:  Be authentic .   Don't compare yourself to what others are doing in their Lenten journey.  If giving up one simple thing (sodas, chocolate, meat, etc.)  is what works in your life and allows you to more deeply enter into this season, then do not judge yourself harshly because your friends are giving up something which

Welcome Pope Francis

Show your support and welcome to our Holy Father with these facebook covers Additional covers can be found   here ...

Be an Everyday Evangelizer. Share your faith with these FREE creations this Christmas.

Be an  everyday evangelizer!   Share the real reason for the season with these free creations.  No matter  whaat your profession is... blogger, secretary, warehouse worker or retired.... use these free images  to share your faith.  Twelve are sized for use as cover images on your facebook page. They could also be used as headers on a blog.    Here are two of the twelve... I have also created companion images sized for instagram  sharing or other social media purposes. To see all  twelve images, please visit me on my Blog - EmbeddedFaith , or on Cyndi  Canva . Wishing you a most blessed Christmas.  

First Fridays with Francis ~ ala Twitter!

Two recent tweets from the Holy Father really struck a chord with me.   And so for my First Fridays with Francis for this month I have chosen to create two new images that can be shared on your own social media.  The first is a facebook cover for you to use:  The second one is one that can be shared however you see fit..  Enjoy! For even more images to share you can visit

First Fridays with Francis and the Angels

Guardian Angels  exist.   They are real.   When we were little we knew and understood this teaching of the Church.  “The doctrine on angels is not fantasist. No, it’s reality,” said Pope Francis recently.     They are companions that will speak to us and guide us, if we but listen.   Visit EmbeddedFaith for a few more angel photo quote images and a facebook cover that  are free to share or use.