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A Lesson From the Father in the Elevator and the Grocery Store this Afternoon

I believe people are put in front of us for a reason. Today was an example of that... Today was super busy: studying, Mass, lunch with friends, a visit to a grant competition for our older son and then the fitness center, where I haven't been in more than a week. Tomorrow looks even busier. Keep Reading...

An Unexpected Christmas Gift

A religious acquaintance of mine recently told a friend of mine he didn't think I should waste my time trying to alter the direction of our local public schools because even if this latest problem were solved, another problem would crop up.   The thing is, God calls us to do His work of justice and mercy, places outside church doors. Sometimes, the work we do unexpectedly helps to draw those we encounter back to Christ. That's God's doing, not ours. This was today's Christmas miracle at the 11 a.m. Mass for me. Read more here...

Reflecting the Human Longing for Beauty: Paraorchestra

Reflecting the Human Longing for Beauty: Paraorchestra The  British Paraorchestra , which features world-class musicians with disabilities, just released this  youtube recording .   Let's help it go viral. I can't stop playing this piece. Perhaps this is how the Mystery sees us: Keep reading here...