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Year of Faith News and Retreat

Catechist's Journey blog, by Joe Paprocki, is posting a month long online retreat based on the Year of Faith theme.  He is using his book, A Well-built Faith, as a resource.  This link gives an introduction to the retreat, which began last Monday:  Preparing for a Year of Faith .  You can start the retreat at any time and make your own schedule. Vatican Radio's has posted the official calendar of events for the Year of Faith at this link:  Vatican Radio - Year of Faith: Official calendar of Events .

What Is Faith?

Ever since I heard the news that our Holy Father, Pope Benedict, proclaimed a Year of Faith, I have been pondering what faith means.  It is certainly something , but what?  Is it the Creed?  Is it the source of how one lives?  Is it singular only, or can it be plural? Anyway, in preparation for the Year of Faith, which starts in October, I want to explore Faith.  I want to develop a more solid understanding of Faith.  I hope to deepen my Faith and to help others do likewise, if possible. My first post on the subject can be found here .  If you have any thoughts about where I can go with my exploration of this topic, I will appreciate hearing from you.