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Columban Fr Francis J. Keaney RIP

Fr FRANCIS J. KEANEY 4 November 1934 – 13 May  2018 Fr Frank Keaney was one of six children born to John Keaney and Nora Theresa Curristan Keaney. They lived in Immaculate Conception Parish, Winchester, MA, within the Archdiocese of Boston, USA.  (The parish  was suppressed  in 2004).   Winchester Town Hall  [ Wikipedia ] The young Frank attended Noonan Public School, and later studied at Winchester Junior High School, Winchester High School, and Bentley College, Boston.  As an adult, he worked in the accounting department of Revere Sugar Company, later renamed Domino Sugar. When Frank decided that he wanted to become a priest he studied   at the School of St Philip Neri for delayed vocations in order to  familiarize himself with Latin. He then entered the Columban  seminary in Milton, MA in 1957. Health issues centering on his thyroid gland resulted in the postponement of his ordination to the priesthood by six months. He   was ordained in June 1