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Perfect for Summer! Stations of the Cross:An Adult Coloring Book

This summer, surrender to the feelings of love and gratitude found in contemplating and coloring these beautiful Stations of the Cross renderings by Father Victor KyNam.   Accompanied by Scripture and prayers written by Kathryn Mulderink, OCDS, The Stations of the Cross: an adult coloring book is truly a transformative experience.

Coloring the Van Gogh Bedroom

After attending the exhibit of  Van Gogh's Bedrooms  at  The Art Institute of Chicago , I've become a bit obsessed with the museum itself and Van Gogh's works.  As a life-long Chicago resident, the exhibit prompted me to become a  member  of the museum and I'm so glad I did! You can read the article and view the photo gallery at Being Catholic ... Really .

Have you tried the new adult coloring books?

Have you tried the new adult coloring books?  You can find them on  Amazon ,  Barnes & Noble  and even the grocery stores.  I came across them quite by accident and when  Crayola  had a sale through Amazon, well, I was in. To read the rest of the article and view the photo gallery, please go to Being  Catholic ... Really .