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Money Matters: Everything I have Lord, Is Yours

Week 2 of  Navigating Your Finances God's  Way  ....  My first discovery this week.  We don't own as much of value as I thought but what we do own I am rather possessive of (verses recognizing that all is a gift and essentially on loan from God). This week called for a completing a list of assets.  I have realized that much of our debt came during the PRE ~ DVR/On Demand and electronic music days.  WE have spent thousands of dollars in music CDs, videos and books - that cluttered our home and were watched, read or listened to once at best.  I used to spend so much money on Amazon (mostly for those 3 types of items) that I would (legit) get a Christmas present from Amazon every year! I also realized I spent a great deal of money on toys, clothes and shoes - the majority of which was barely played with or worn.  SEE A pattern here ... I KNOW I do!! This week's lesson focused on recognizing GOD'S ownership over ours.  Having attended a funeral this week, that lesson was

Materialistic Christmas

They say that Christmas has become materialistic. And how true this is. But surely it is right that Christmas is materialistic – in the proper sense of the word! Let’s consider this: God – A spirit somewhere out there in the universe He created, decided to materialise and come down to earth. He materialised, assumed a physical form, as the human Jesus, born by the Blessed Virgin Mary. God materialised to be amongst us, so that we may see Him, speak to Him, listen to Him and hopefully learn from Him. And most important of all, to be saved by Him. God – Jesus. The Spirit materialising for us. Now how wonderful is that? Do we ever stop and wonder about the real miracle of Christmas and the true meaning of materialism?