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Pope Francis and Holy, Undignified Joy

Joy is not just for Pentecostals; joy is also for Catholics. Joy is not just for a few simple-minded anti- intellectuals, it is also for intellectuals. As  C.S. Lewis explains ,“Joy is the serious business of heaven”. Pope Francis is explicit when he states: The joy of the Gospel is for all people: no one can be excluded.  Pope Francis N0 one is exempt from embracing the joy of the Gospel, not even serious Catholics who focus more on social issues than on their inner life, nor sophisticated theologians. Even those who love solemn, traditional ceremony are not exempt because they too are called to live in holy joy as they  celebrate  the Latin Mass. continue reading

Blessings to Give

In the Compass Catholic small group bible study: Navigating Your Finances God's Ways -- week 5 examines the 4 elements of giving: attitudes advantages amount approach   Attitudes My discovery here was si mple and was  eluded to in the last week's post .  I have no trouble giving money. I think it is a wonderful gift to be able to share with others.  I do need to be weary of my motives - the whole don't let your left hand see what your right hand is doing.  My trouble honestly is not in my generosity with treasure but with time and talent.  Although, I have also learned that my monetary generosity needs to be budgeted and that 'giving from your poverty' does not mean  going into credit card debt .  My attitude needs some tweaking as I consider how I will share my time. I am very stingy with my time.  Perhaps this is best explained by sharing that I am an extrovert with introverted tendencies; meaning I love being with people and I especially love sh

Inside a Cloistered Monastery: Joy and Love

Today, as I was perusing the  New York Times  online edition, I was thrilled to find an absolutely beautiful  photographic essay on life inside a cloistered monastery . I loved the piece for many reasons, not least because it gave me a glimpse of the life I might have led had I chosen to walk through that lovely door, instead of the one that led me to the very lovely life I chose, instead.  I hope you find it as enchanting as I did.   You may find the larger article  here . From  How to Live A Lovely Life  by Sabrina Booth Phillips 

Joy IS for Catholics

l Somehow the average Catholic does not associate joy with holiness but believes holiness is synonymous with misery. I have written articles on the theology of joy but in this post I will simply overwhelm you with quotes from the saints and the Bible, all affirming the fact that joy is at the core of our spirits when we live in, with, and through Christ. continue