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Appeal from the Bishop of Myitkyina, Myanmar (Burma)

S Skyline of  Myitkyina The Columbans first went to what was then Burma in October 1936 and went to the mountainous area of the north where the Kachins live. Priests of the  Paris Foreign Missions Society  had already been there for many years. The area the Columbans were asked to take care of has become two dioceses,  Myitkyina  [MITCH in awe] and  Banmaw , also known as Bhamo. There has been an  ongoing conflict  in the Kachin area for many years, a second phase beginning in June 2011. It is in the context of that conflict that the Diocese of Myitkyina issued this statement the other day. DIOCESE OF MYITKYINA, MYANMAR St. Columban's Cathedral, Aungnan Yeiktha, Myitkyina 01011 Tel: (+95)-74-23017 , Fax (+95)-74-23016, Email:  Call from the Catholic Church in Myitkyina to all parties in Conflict in Kachin Region  to halt hostilities and begin the Journey  towards  Peace Based on Justice Date : 3 February 2013 -----------------------