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10 Minute Daily Retreat: Spiritual Gifts; Wisdom

I'm working on a  new novel and I've struggled to understand the fundamental motivation of one of my own characters. I know what  he wants, but not why. I've had to 'interview' him virtually non-stop for over a week. While I walked, drove, cooked, stared into the computer…I've felt like shaking him, 'why? Why do you desire this goal? It's a crazy goal, but you desperately want it. Why?' You and I desire  many things; a healthy body, a successful novel, recognition in the workplace, a stable income, loving relationships. None of these are bad. Many of these God desires for us. Wisdom is knowing  that if our fundamental desire is for God, He knows best which of these desires He will satisfy. 'Seek first the kingdom of heaven, and all these will be given you.' Matthew 6:33