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Illuminating Orthodox Icons of Christ

St. Joseph and the Infant Christ Christ the Great High Priest icon  top left-       Christ the Good Shepherd   bottom left-  Byzantine icon of Christ Pantocrator (Savior of the World),   “Christ Enthroned,” by Isaac Fanous,                           Holy Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church, Los Angeles right column   The Church is the sacrament of the Kingdom,  the Good Shepherd icon by Fadi Mikhail,                       Jesus with John by Ann Chapman

Byzantine Icons

I love discovering Catholic art that is new for me. Today I stumbled upon wonderful, Modern Coptic ic ons from Egypt. They are bright, colourful with  clean lines that speak about the purity and simplicity of a life lived in God , archangels Christ Panocrator (Snai) Icon St. Thomas St. Catherine of Sienna