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Bullying Has No Grace; But Forgiveness Does! Here's My Story

I have a great deal of personal experience when it comes to bullying. You see, I was bullied for eight consecutive years, while attending a Catholic grade school. There were only 38 children in my class, so I was an easy target. Because of my physical deformity of clubbed feet, I wore braces on my legs. This set me apart from the others, making me the “outcast.” (The photo to the left was taken in 1962, at age 5). After what I experienced, it is amazing that I am still alive to tell my story today. Bullying Has No Grace The ugliness of the constant and consistent verbal abuse, demeaning my dignity and self-worth, proves to me that bullying has no grace. Bullying is an evil act. My bullies constantly referred to me as “metal legs,” “cootie bug,” – you get the picture. Their derisive behavior played havoc on my self-worth, leaving me changed, and not for the better. They scarred my psyche. The Lingering Effects of Bullying As I progressed through high school and college, I a

Being bullied

I wrote this piece three years ago, but I thought it appropriate to publish it again.  Being bullied can stay with a child for years. October is a crowded month.   Hispanic Heritage  and  Breast Cancer Awareness  is but two of the many causes being touted.  It is also  Bullying Prevention Month .  Something I know a little bit about. You can read the rest at Being Catholic ... Really .

Pink Shirt Day!

Today we all wear Pink Shirts to represent how we are United against Bullying ! We do this in order to bring awareness to bullying issues and hopefully bring discussion as to what we can do to create a safe and respectful environment in all of our communities. Why Pink you ask? Well, Pink Shirt Day is not just an engaging way to get kids, especially students, though not limited to just them ;) thinking about bullying and what they can do to create a safe and respectful environment in schools. All of this started back in 2007 when 2 High School Students in the Province of Nova Scotia, Travis Price and David Shepherd, took a stand against bullying. How? These two Brave Students asked all of their peers to wear pink to school in support of a male classmate who had been bullied for wearing a pink shirt! Little did they know that their actions would create a Grassroots Movement that would attract worldwide attention! So...Make sure you wear Your Pink Shirt today a