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A for Avocado: from Dip to Top of the Class!

AVOCADO SCORES BIG! Flavor , in Versatility , in Nutrition , in History , and in " Cleanliness "... Check out this fruit's impressive report card: FLAVOR [+Texture]:  A vocado is mild yet distinctive, slightly sweet & slightly nutty to some, smooth (buttery), and complimentary. VERSATILITY :  A vocado gets along well with others —works (and blends) nicely with ... NUTRITION :  A vocado is dense by nature, in a good way ... ► Click Here to Read More at The Way to Nourish for Life   ...including linked recipes for: Guacamole Dip; Raspberry Avocado Salad with Honey Raspberry Vinaigrette; Chipotle Chicken Tacos with Hass Avocado and Cucumber Relish; Gluten-Free Mini Avocado Spice Cupcakes; California Avocado/Fruit/Citrus Bowl. A  for Avocado !  (: EF)